Swing P19 Adult Body Protector

945 lei

Swing riding body protector for adults model P19 certified level 3.

P19 Body Protector, with zip
This latest generation of professional body protectors provides the rider with the best possible freedom of movement with maximum safety thanks to the high-tech foam used (4-layer density foam), with maximum safety.
The P19 body protector continues to impress with its individual size adjustment by means of 4 touch tape fasteners at the waist and 2 at the shoulders
Tested to BETA standard 3 and the currently valid EC standard EN 13158-2018, level 3.

- 4-layer density foam
The layered construction makes the body protector soft and flexible. The 4-layer density foam moulds itself to the body, and becomes even softer and more flexible with wearing.

- Tested to BETA standard 3 and the currently valid European standard EN 13158-2018, level 3.
- Particularly soft and flexible body protector
- 4-layer density foam
- Zip for easy putting on and taking off
- Washable and easycare
- Only wash by hand

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