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Pharmakas® CLAC Insect Protection, 500 Ml

109 lei
Pharmakas® CLAC Insect Protect Spray with icaridin is your safe and reliable protection against insects such as flies, horseflies and ticks. The high protection becomes effective immediately after application and a defence lasting at the same level for hours develops even when sweating heavily. Thanks to the special ingredient icaridin, this high performance spray is particularly long-lasting in its effect and at the same time is skin-and coat-friendly. In our experience, Icaridin does not trigger any allergic reactions and is well tolerated. This is why the spray is also eminently suitable for horses with sensitive skin. The innovative spray bottle guarantees ease of use, soundless application with a fine, even spray as well as the possibility of complete emptying.
Application: Shake well before use! Spray evenly ontp coat. Tip: for sensitive areas use Pharmakas® CLAC Insect Protect Gel.

Note: Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.
Federal Agency for Industrial Health and Safety registration number: N-96752

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