Acavallo Piuma DOUBLE RISER Half Pad

539 lei
As implied by its name, this 3-in-1 pad is provided with a front and rear riser, especially designed for saddles requiring stabilization and an additional padding in the gullet as well as in the cantle area.

As all products of the “Piuma” featherlight collection, this pad is anatomically shaped and offers excellent shock absorption properties.
The entire “Piuma” featherlight pad collection is made of a new thermoplastic material offering a low-profile but highly effective and extremely lightweight padding, without creating bulk under the saddle.
The special and innovative structure of these products has a multitude of little bulges with lateral holes permitting a free flowing, horizontally directed air circulation. The main benefit of this structure is that these bulges create a shock-absorbing effect every time they are compressed and released by the movement of the horse. As a secondary benefit, this compression and release process generates a flow of refreshing air which keeps the back of the horse perfectly dry.

Waterproof and easy care product, machine-washable at 30° or by hand under running water.
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, resistant also to high temperature fluctuations.

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