Echipamente Echitatie 2E

Zinc - For A Strong Immune System

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Waldhausen zinc can have a positive effect on the horse"s immune system, skin and horn. Zinc stimulates cell growth and cell renewal. Stimulates the regeneration of injured tissue. Can have a positive effect on the horse"s performance.
Feeding Instructions:
up to a 0.6% share of the daily ration

(1 heaped measuring spoon = approx. 25 g)

Administration form: powder

Due to the higher content of feed additives in comparison with complete feeds, only up to 100 g of this feed supplement may be fed per day.

Composition: dextrose 86.40%, sodium chloride 1.00%

Components by analysis: raw protein 4.1 %, crude fat 5.6 %, crude ash 5.6 %, sodium 0.44%, moisture 7.7%

Additives per kg: nutritional additives: zinc as glycine zinc chelate, hydrate (3B607) 20,000mg, iron as glycine iron chelate (3b108) 5,000mg, manganese as glycine manganese chelate (3b506) 3,900 mg, copper as glycine copper chelate (3b304) 2,000mg, selenium as sodium selenite (3b801) 45mg, selenium in organic form from saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (3b810) 5mg

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