Echipamente Echitatie 2E

Magnesium Liquid - For Strong Nerves, 1 L

160 lei
Can help to reduce stress reactions, increase motivation and help the horse to regain balance and inner calm.
Feeding Instructions: large horses (600 kg) 25 ml - 50 ml daily/ small horses 10ml - 30 ml daily

Recommended feeding period: 2 to 4 weeks.

We recommend seeking professional advice before feeding.

Due to its raised zinc content compared with complete feeds, this feed supplement may only make up to 50% of the horse"s daily feed ration. Take into consideration nutrient input from other feeds.

Composition: magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, glucose

Analytic Composition: raw protein 0.10 %, crude fibre 0.00 %, crude fat 0%, crude ash 11.7%, magnesium 4.0 %, methionine 0%, lysine 0%, calcium 1.47%, sodium 0.15%, moisture 68.0%

Additives per litre: nutritional additives: L-tryptophan(3c440) 1000 mg, vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin 100,000 mcg, zinc as zinc chloride, anhydrous (3b602) 233mg

Sensory additives: apple flavouring 300mg

Technological additives: sodium propionate (E 281), citric acid (E 202)

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