LoveHorses Full Contact Body Bandage

529 lei
The LoveHorses Full Contact body bandage is ideal for protecting the horse's ribs when using spurs.

FULL CONTACT presents two substantial differences compared to the DELUXE LoveHorses bandage.

1. Greater contact with the side of the horse. Thanks to a modification of the side straps (shorter than the others and without Velcro) the thickness between the rider's leg and the horse's ribs is reduced (hence the name "FULL CONTACT").

2. Elimination of anchorage to the saddle rings. To make the dressing procedure more practical and quick, the slings for anchoring the bandage to the saddle rings have been eliminated.

The "full contact" body bandage was created by LoveHorses with the collaboration of Carlo Rogiani and Nadia Spotti, who first tested and developed it. The girth then fits into the buttonholes and joins into the sternal rib region with the Klettostar® hook / loop fastener closure from the German company BINDER GmbH.

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