Echipamente Echitatie 2E

Likit Starter Set

249 lei

Useful set to introduce you to the world of Likit products, includes:

  • 1 Likit holder (blue)
  • 3 Likit licks 650g each (apple, carrot and cherry)
  • 2 Likit Snaks 100g each (mint-eucalyptus and apple-cinnamon)

Likit licks are mainly made of natural glucose molasses enriched with vitamins. All the plastic parts are in approved materials of European origin.
Production takes place under the most stringent quality controls in order to be able to ensure the same continuous high quality.
Likit licks keep your horse entertained, thus preventing boredom or restlessness in the stable or paddock.

Contents: 2,150 g

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