Electrolyte Liquid - Regeneration And Maintaining Performance, 1l

99 lei
Can be used to stabilise the water and electrolyte balance. It also contains important minerals and trace elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. As a result of heavy sweating in hot temperatures or strenous performance as well as in cases of diarrhoea large quantities of electrolytes are lost within a short time.
Feeding instructions:
To offset electrolyte losses due to copious sweating: large horses (600 kg) 50 ml - 100 ml per day / small horses 30 ml - 60 ml per day
Recommended feeding period: 1- 3 days

To stabilise water and electrolyte balance when there is a risk of, during or after, digestive problems (diarrhoea) foals 50ml - 100ml daily
Recommended feeding period: 1- 7 days, when fed exclusively 1 - 3 days.
We recommend seeking professional advice before feeding.
Make sure water is freely available.

Composition: sodium chloride 18.00%, potassium chloride 6.00%, glucose 3.00%, magnesium chloride 2%

Analytical components: sodium 7.3%, magnesium 0.27%, potassium 3.15%, moisture 82.00%, raw protein 0%, unrefined oils and fats 0%, raw fibre 0%, crude ash 17%

Additives per kg: nutritional additives: vitamin C (3a300) 1000 mg, vitamin B2 (3a826) 335mg
Technological additives: sodium propionate (E281)

Please note the current doping guidelines of the FEI

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