Farnam Red Cell Liquid

179 lei

Red Cell is a homogenised vitamin-mineral supplement with a high concentration of all the fundamental constituents for the synthesis of red blood cells, among which the main role is played by iron. In fact, iron together with copper, cobalt and group B vitamins are crucial for the renewal of red blood cells and the maintenance of cellular and muscular oxygenation. These constituents may be missing or insufficient in the horse's normal diet. It follows that a correct food program, studied according to the age of the subject and the type of activity carried out, cannot be separated from the integration of the diet with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Red Cell performs this function to provide the correct intake of vitamins, trace elements and minerals to be added to the daily maintenance diet.


Horses in training: 30 ml per day. Horses at rest: 15 ml per day. Red Cell must be mixed with the daily ration or administered with a syringe in the oral cavity. Contains 9,462 mg of iron.


Vitamin A 788.482 I.U.
Vitamin D3 110.387 I.U.
Vitamin E 1,419 mg
Vitamin B12 3,785 mg
Vitamin B1 1,735 mg
Vitamin B2 883 mg
Vitamin B6 315 mg
Vitamin K3 79 mg
Folic acid 315 mg
Biotin 0.79 mg
Choline 6.308 mg
D- Pantothenic acid 1.577 mg
Iron 9.462 mg
Copper 388 mg
Zinc 3,469 mg
Iodine 7.88 mg
Selenium 27 mg
Cobalt 63 mg
Potassium 3.154 mg
Sulfur 7,885 mg
Magnesium 631 mg
Manganese 1,230 mg

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