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Unique seating comfort - maximum freedom of movement:

Our sporty jumping saddle Aviator with its flat saddle tree offers an incomparably comfortable seat: lateral reinforcements in the last third of the tree provide a widened seating surface for the seat bones. This ensures on the one hand a pleasant, soft feeling and on the other hand a secure, laterally balanced rider's seat in the course with more precise aids. For extra comfort, the saddle tree has a narrow twist and softly padded jockey skirts. Both the generous knee pad and the rear block area are moulded and comfortably embed the rider's leg.
Comfort and perfect fit for the horse:

Thanks to the thin panels, the rider is very close to the horse. At the same time their large contact area and wide gullet channel offer maximum comfort for the horse and best adaptability to the individual contour of the back.
The short but broad front edge of the panels blends softly towards the tree points and allows the horse’s shoulder to rotate freely. In addition, the panels offer volume behind and underneath the tree points so that the saddle finds a stable hold behind the shoulder whilst being comfortable for the horse.
The look:

Last but not least, the Aviator also lives up to its name with its modern, dynamic lines and flat profile. Are you ready for take-off?

- perfect fit for the horse thanks to a wide range of possible panel shapes and saddle tree adjustments

- individual adjustment to the rider with various possible shapes and lengths of flaps as well as a selection of different front and rear block options

- gullet channel can be personalised with 3D effect letters (e.g. horse's name)

- all fitting options for horse and rider are included in the price

- all Stübben Styles or Stübben Custom packages are available on this model for an additional charge

- available seat sizes 16,5" – 18“

- available tree widths 27 cm - XW

- available with wool or foam panels

- available with Biomex seat

- only available in the high quality, comfortable DeLuxe version

Order by Phone: +40 725867219

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