Echipamente Echitatie 2E

STUBBEN Bridle Leitrim with Slide&Lock

945 lei

Experience the exceptional quality and timeless design of the Leitrim bridle - a combination of comfort, functionality, and classic elegance that will delight both you and your horse.

Sophisticated design
Simple and effective, the Leitrim bridle is highly versatile. It is suitable for a wide range of horses due to its straight headpiece. Its slim design allows it to be pulled back far enough to clear the ears without risking applying the pressure points that an ill-fitting ear cut-out can cause. The uniform padding distributes the pressure across all of the horse's neck. The cheekpieces pass over the headpiece thanks to leather loops. This allows them to slide freely, so the bit can be adjusted precisely and symmetrically. The buckles on each side of the bridle make it easy to switch from one noseband to another, thus making the Leitrim bridle suitable for all disciplines.

New innovative buckles
Our revolutionary, exclusive Slide&Lock fastening on the cheek pieces allow for effortless bit changes in no time: simply push up the metal sleeve and the pin releases the leather loop. Once the bit has been changed, push the sleeve back down until it clicks into place.

Different noseband options
Combined Noseband: softly padded with a completely removable flash (RFS - Removable Flash System)
Mexican Noseband: soft lambskin pads under the rings and the crossing point of the noseband prevent unpleasant pressure points
Tandem Noseband: combines the effect of the Hanoverian and English nosebands to give the horse more frame and distribute pressure, precise adjustment due to adjustable distance between both nosebands
Rope Noseband Covered with Leather: designed for experienced riders – it offers a stronger action for more control, soft leather covering to protect the bridge of the nose (seams are turned away from the horse), completely removable flash (RFS - Removable Flash System).

Headstall: 26 mm breit
Cheeks: 16 mm breit
Throat strap: 13 mm breit

Scope of delivery
Reins and bit are not included.

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