249 lei

The Acavallo® non-slip lightweight flat gel with Classic design is an advanced solution to maximize comfort and contact with the saddle. Thanks to its lightweight design, it allows the skin to breathe without compromising contact with the saddle.
This item offers a unique combination of anti-slip and shock-absorbing properties. Its Acavallo® Classic gel structure prevents unwanted movements of the saddle in all directions and compensates for small imperfections in the horse's back, adapting even to slightly rounded backs.
A significant benefit is the ability to cut the pad to fit smaller sized saddles, offering a custom fit.
The Acavallo® gel with Classic design is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe for the skin, allowing safe direct use in contact with it. Furthermore, the gel can be cut and adapted to different types of saddles, ensuring optimal versatility. Ideal for training and competition.

  • Absorbs shocks
  • Stabilizes the saddle
  • Releases the pressure
  • Close contact: does not alter the balance of the saddle
  • Light
  • Non toxic
  • Safe for use on skin
  • Extreme elasticity
  • Easy maintenance

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