Body Bandage Deluxe LoveHorses

629 lei
The body bandage for horses by Tosoni is an excellent remedy for preventing and protecting against sores that have orgin on the sides of the horse and are due to the scratching of the rider's leg or spurs against this delicate part of the animal.
Features: Protection against sores and abrasions, it allows the normal use of the horse without being forced to rest until the complete healing of the skin tissue. In fact, the healing is not compromised at all because the elastic, notwithstanding its thin thickness, is very resistant and gives protection thanks to its particular compound. 
If regularly used, it prevents the problem at issue and isolates the soar similarly to a protective film, blocking the action more or less strong of the heel to persist scratching against the skin. 
Made from elastic fabric, superbly breathable, it is 9.8 inch large, its length ranges from 68.9 inch (COB) to 77.2 inch (FULL). 
It is wrapped up to the horse ribs directly on the coat at the height of the saddle, it is easily fixed with velcro fastening. It has two plastic snap-hooks, light but very strong, for connecting the saddle to the bandage,  avoiding it to slip away. 

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