Acavallo Sensitive Bit

329 lei
Acavallo Sensitive Bit, made of an innovative anti-allergic plastic material instead of a metal alloy.
Its slightly arched and flattened cannon ensures that the pressure on the tongue and the corners of the mouth, if applied, is evenly distributed.
The monoblock design of the bit and the rings prevents a compression or a pinch on one side of the tongue or the jaw, as well as painful irritations of the palate (no "nutcracker effect"). Increases the safety of the horse in the rider's hand thanks to its quiet and comfortable positioning in the mouth, helping the horse to find its balance.
Thanks to its flexible and integrated steel reinforcement, it offers a soft but very safe control of the horse.
An ideal choice especially for the schooling of young people and the correction of difficult horses.
Made in Italy
Dimensions: 135 mm.
Weight: 68 g

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