Echipamente Echitatie 2E

Acavallo Opera Stirrups

699 lei

Acavallo Opera riding stirrups, this new model of stirrup revolutionizes the idea of innovation, creativity, reliability, functionality and practicality, which confirms them as the first choice for professional and amateur riders.
The most important innovation is the patented loop with suspension. The new generation loop is transverse and openable, so the stirrup is always comfortable in its place, without turning,  and therefore it is easier to recover it while riding. This allows the rider to get his foot out more easily and not to remain blocked and the friction between the leg and the stirrup leathers also decreases. The extra large stainless steel tread (6.5 x 11.5 cm inside) gives the rider greater support, relieving tension on the hips, knees, ankles and calves. The open grille of the tread, laser-treated, allows an excellent grip and allows it to pass through any residual sand.

100% made in Italy product.

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