Acavallo new therapeutic gel seat saver jump

659 lei

Due to the sales success of our Gel Seat Savers and considerable positive feedback from our customers, also telling us about their orthopaedic problems, we at Acavallo decided to take this product line one step further to help riders suffering from the effects of their coccyx, pubis or seat bones.

The result of this development are our new “Seat Saver” models called “ORTHO-COCCYX” (featuring a recess in the rear part of the seat) and “ORTHO-PUBIS” (with a recess in the front part) designed for pressure relief in the respective problem areas around the coccyx and seat bones or the pubis, resp., providing a more balanced weight distribution for affected persons and, thus, also a more comfortable, less inhibited and safer seat.

The non-slip and breathable Acavallo gel of these seat savers supports the rider’s upper body by stabilizing the seat bones, preventing unnecessary movements and increasing her/his adhesion to the saddle. In addition, the shock-absorbing effect of the gel significantly reduces concussions in the lower back. Discrete and easy to fit to any saddle, these Gel Seat Savers are the right choice for any rider wanting to gain relief during daily flat work, jumping or hacking, achieving a safe and stable seat.

The Gel Out design is especially appreciated by novice riders for the adhesion and stability it provides. Available for jumping and dressage saddles. Easy-care product. Just wash under running water or machine wash at low temperature.

Gel thickness : 20 mm

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