Acavallo 3D spacer memory foam grip gel pad square jump

945 lei

3D Spacer Fabric

Spacer fabric is a highly technical material designed to distribute weight, allow maximum air flow which benefits the skin and provides a healthy skin and muscle tone supporting blood circulation. It is also designed to disperse shear and direct pressure, ideal for sensitive and cold backed horses. This material prevent heat build-up, allows consistent air circulation, provides faster sweat absorption and efficient evaporation

The fabric is easy to clean under running water and can be reused immediately because of its ability to dry fast, with only a shakeout required!

Memory Foam Fabric

Memory foam provides for an excellent padding and filling of gaps under the saddle, perfectly adapting itself to the individual contours of the horses’s body.

Acavallo Gel
Acavallo gel has the remarkable ability to absorb shocks and maintain an extremely close contact with the saddle, forming an excellent non-slip layer.
It blocks any unwanted movements of the saddle, whether backwards, forwards or sideways.

If machine washing is needed, it can be done at low temperatures with a mild soap.

Made in Italy

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