Acavallo Arena Alluminio Swarovski Stirrups

1.399 lei

Arena Aluplus 2.0 Special Edition stirrup with side opening decorated with swarovski. Anodized aluminum makes the bracket extremely light and resistant.

Safety mechanism positioned in the upper part to prevent sand and dirt from delaying the opening action of the arm.
New aluminum opening arm.
The locking and release mechanism is one centimeter higher than the bench, thus preventing the foot from unintentionally slipping out of the stirrup.
Long horizontal holes to prevent accumulation of sand and dirt.
Five-degree incline of the footplate to ensure correct position.
Footplate width 12.5 cm.
Maximum arm opening: 105mm.
Maximum load: 150kg.
Stirrup weight: 904g.
Decoration with Swarovski in the opening arm.
Graphic with logo and Acavallo writing screen-printed along the opening arm.
Sold in pairs.

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