Premier Equine - LeG Wraps

279 lei

Quick Dry Horse Leg Wraps are ideal for rapidly drying off your horses legs after washing.

Made from technically advanced layers of acrylics, polypropylene and wool yarns they create maximum cooling. These versatile horse boots will also help to keep your horse's legs warm and prevent chills.

Key features:

    - Made using triple layers of advanced acrylics, polypropylene and wool yarns
    - Designed and shaped to fit and contour around the tendon and fetlock area
    - Wick away moisture and sweat
    - Easy to use, put on and take off
    - Sold in pairs
    - Can be used on both front and hind legs

Material Properties:

Acrylic - Lightweight and highly breathable with a soft hand feel. Wool like properties.
Polypropylene - A durable loose fill fibre which forms a breathable cushioning layer
Wool - Highly breathable, wicks away moisture, regulates temperature and is antibacterial. Significantly speeds up drying time.

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