Grooming Deluxe Show Tack Box

749 lei
The Grooming Deluxe Show Tack Box is the perfect choice to store all your products and grooming equipment at shows or at home. It is 30cm high, 40cm wide and 28cm deep. The upper part opens and can be closed with two gold snap closures on which you can add a lock.

Inside, you will find a big compartment (25x38x26 cm) which can be divided in two or three compartments thanks to 2 thin removable parts. You can also organize the inside of your box your own way! It will also allow you to stock your spray bottles if needed.

The Tack Box is made out of bamboo, which makes it extra resistant and super easy to clean. It is also very lightweight and comes with 2 gold handles so you can carry it everywhere.

– 2 gold snap closures
– 2 thin removable parts
– Easy cleaning
– Bamboo: extra resistant
– Lightweight

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