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Trap 'N Toss Disposable Fly Trap

129 lei

Trap'n Toss is a practical and resistant supereconomic fly trap, which can be hung or placed in any outdoor environment where flies are most active: in areas adjacent to the shelters of pets or farm animals, in courtyards, near garbage containers. Thanks to the attractant included, Trap'n Toss attracts and kills thousands of flies by drowning.

    - Easy to use and cheap.
    - Trap’n Toss works without the use of insecticides or other dangerous chemicals.

1) Remove the attractant tube from the bottom of the trap and turn it upside down. After pouring the attractant into the trap, put the empty tube inside the trap.
2) Keep the trap upside down and pour about 1/2 liter of clean water until you reach the "FILL LINE" line. Shake gently, to mix the attractant with the water, then straighten the trap.
3) Hang the trap on a support or place it on the ground, in a well-lit place where there is a high concentration of flies and where the smells do not cause discomfort.
If you put the trap on the ground, make sure there is at least 1 cm between the floor and the bottom of the trap so that the flies can enter. If the floor is sandy, put a cardboard under the trap to prevent it from sinking and flies from getting in.

1) Shake the trap at least twice a week so that the flies stay wet.
2) If necessary, add water to maintain the indicated level. Never allow the trap to dry out.
3) If you do not shake properly and build up a layer of dead flies, worms may form. If this happens, add a spoonful of liquid soap and enough water to keep the dead flies wet and the worms to drown with soapy water.

1) In areas where the water is particularly hard, distilled water can be used to improve the functioning of the trap.
2) In areas where flies are abundant, it is necessary to use multiple traps positioned about 10 meters from each other.

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