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Officinalis Dry Shampoo 500 ml

91 lei

Dry Shampoo with medicinal water for horses .

Available in different variants:

Chamomile: Ideal for the mane and tail of the horses with grey coat, excellent to remove spots. It cleans, sanitizes and thanks to the natural content of chamomile flowers of Bisavolo clears and disinfects the coat, hair and skin.

Lavender:  Dry Shampoo containing medicinal water of Lavender. Thanks to the essential oil is very perfumed and has the power to cleanse and clean without rinsing. Suitable for mane, tail and coat. The essential oil of lavender has a slight antibacterial effect.

Rose: The delicacy and sweetness of this dry shampoo is wonderful. Made from medicinal water of rose petals, contains very effective cleaning agents and detergents. Suitable for horses in the mantle bay and chestnut mantle.

Bilberry and Mallow:  Enhances the natural color of the coat giving shine and brilliance. Dry Shampoo with Bilberry and mallow blue flowers suitable for horses in the brown coat. Detergent and sanitizer contains tannins (natural color of bilberry and mauve flowers) that enhance the dark color of hair and mane.

Sage: Dry shampoo containing medicinal water of Clary Sage. Sacred plant in ancient Rome containing a 'high amount of essential oil active in epidermal purfication and in removing odors. The sage extracts have consistently shown positive effects on dandruff. This dry shampoo cleanses and cleans giving a natural fragrance to the horse, moreover it also has a repellent effect for mosquitoes, gnats and flies.

Use and doses: Spraying the dry shampoo on the interested part at a distance of thirty centimeters. Wait approximately 3-4 minutes and pass with a clean cloth and in the direction of the treated hair. Do not clean in the wrong way.

Pack of 500ml

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