60 lei

Leoveties cookies are ideal as a reward for horses. With plant-based ingredients rich in fiber and mineral salts. Comes with foldable packaging to protect freshness and flavor. Available in flavors:

▬ Orange and oat flakes: Orange is rich in Vitamin C and A for a stronger immune system Oat flakes are a healthy source of energy with positive characteristics for the whole organism Bio-Mos promotes gastrointestinal integrity and stability and has positive effects on the horse's performance.

▬ Apple and sea buckthorn: apple is a source of vitamins, fiber, mineral salts and acids useful for the body, thanks to its intense aroma and pleasant taste, it promotes the horse's motivation. Sea buckthorn protects against infections, is very rich in vitamins A, C, E, as well as numerous minerals. It also has beneficial effects on the stomach and intestines.

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