Kentucky Leather Rope Halter

599 lei

The Leather Rope Halter comes with a thick brown rope to replace the noseband. This rope helps to have more control with horses who tend to have a lot of character. The lower buckle includes a pressure system that will tighten and ensure extra safety if the horse pulls too much. The other pieces of this halter are made of artificial leather that is sustainable, easy to clean and 100% animal friendly. The size can be adjusted on both sides of the head. A carabiner hook on the cheek makes it easy to put the halter on and take it off. All the buckles are gold to match our leads. The halter comes with a name plate with our Kentucky logo that can be returned and engraved.

- Rope noseband for more control
- Artificial leather
- Carabiner hook
- Adjustable in size

Technical Information

Artificial Leather:  Kentucky is an animal-friendly brand. Therefore, all our leather products are made out of artificial leather.

Dirt Repellent: We use fabrics that provide dirt from entering them. Therefore, your products stay clean for a longer time.

Water Repellent: A water repellent item is not easily penetrated by water. The water repellent coating is on the outside of a fabric.

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