Erreplus CA Jumping Saddle

18.007,50 lei

Developed in precious cooperation with the German champion Christian Ahlmann, the CA saddle is a combination of design, innovation and technical perfection. The seat is made of innovative dual-density polyurethane foam, giving an incomparable feeling of comfort, as well as the knee rolls, which are made of a very soft material. The CA offers the rider a central and solid posture, thanks also to an enlarged seat that allows a broad contact base in the area of the ischium of the rider. The tree perfectly follows the anatomy of the horse’s shoulders. The fibre padded broad panels increase the contact surface on the horse's back and ensure a better distribution of the rider’s weight.*

*All jumping saddles are available in the tree sizes 16/17/18 inches, with standard panels or in the SL version.

It can be chosen between the three flap cuts Basic (B), Drawback (D, -2cm) and Forward (F, +2cm).

Standardly these saddles are equipped with small knee rolls, on request the knee rolls are also available medium sized or with Velcro.

All Erreplus saddles have fibre padded panels and can be adjusted individually to the horse's back. At the rear of the tree there are two additional holes for positioning the panels to the outside. In that way, the channel gets broader by 1 cm, what is very useful in the case of horses with a wide or exposed spine.

SL version
The jumping saddles are available in the shoulder-free SL version, which was designed to allow prominent shoulders and more developed muscles full mobility. Thanks to its particular shape at the front, the short panels completely avoid any pressure on the shoulder, facilitating its movement and maintaining a large contact surface on the horse's back. This model is not recommended for horses with prominent and hollow withers. The SL version has been designed in collaboration with specialised technicians and is available for the whole range.

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