Equiline Nick Skelton Jumping Saddle

16.317 lei

Equiline jumping saddle made in collaboration with the rider Nick Skelton.
Made of soft calfskin-lined leather, this saddle features a medium-deep seat and free padded cushions in soft T-Flex synthetic material.
The NICK SKELTON saddle is particularly suitable for a light riding style and uses IGS* and FGT ** technologies.
Removable front knee block, secured with a velcro closure.

*IGS (Integrated Gel System) technology, patented by Equiline, relies on three different materials:

– Seat: a synthetic polyester material which, after a special process, takes on exclusive characteristics: versatility, memory, reliability, durability. It also assures the resistance against bending and abrasion of the Equiline saddles.
– Tree: a material made of extremely resistant and elastic composite fibres that perfectly follows the horse’s body, assuring maximum comfort for horse and rider.
– Intermediate Shock Absorber system: a group of gel pads on the Equiline saddle reduces the biomechanical tensions on the horse’s joints, favouring optimal posture.

Together, these three materials create a highly technological core which – unlike wood – is unaffected by weather changes, thus assuring seat stability over time, lightness and the possibility to adapt the saddle to the different horse shapes.

**FGT (Flap Grip Technology) is a proprietary technology of Equiline. The system involves using a special rubber in the rear and lower sides of the quarter of Equiline’s saddles.

This technology assures the best adherence to the Equiline saddle, as well as perfect grip; it also allows for a significant reduction in wear of the quarter near the leg’s points of support, thereby reducing wrinkles and folding from normal use of the product.

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